Spring Unsprung?

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Looking back at the eleven days since the calendar said sprng had begun is a mind-bender for sure. We had overnight lows the equal of the lowest temps of the winter, two snow events, the second of which delivered eight inches to our property--and patches still remain in spots almost a week later. It seems March is going out like a lion in many areas of the country, but here at Mariposa Cove it is a chill 43 degrees, raining, with a solid cloud cover making for a grey and dreary morning.

Walking around the yarden of weeden yesterday did offer reassurance that our friend Mother Nature is at work waking the world of green growing things. Daylilies and daffodils, snow crocus and pulmonaria, well above ground and showing buds and blossoms. Brush aside a little leaf litter and find the plump, rosy buds of the crowns of Euphorbia and Sedum peeking just above the soil line.

There were a few fresh dandilion leaves to pick for the bunnies, and a handful of green grass for each of them, I will be glad when fresh greens are available daily for them. I weighed Grayson a few days ago and he weighs 5.4 pounds. He is a mini Rex, and his weight should be closer to four pounds. More greens, less pellets, a slimmer Mr. Grayson. Dries was having none of the weigh-in, so I will keep coaxing him til he is willing to trek to the scales with me.