Seeds of Obsession

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It is clear from past seasons that I am a Seedaholic. It is also clear that the addiction is over the line into obsession. It is superabundantly clear that I am totally unapologetic.

Seeds are filled with promises. From the first succulent greens to the last sweet-faced Viola of Winter, those promises become real sustenance for the senses, the stomach,
and miriads of beneficials and their prey. Here at Mariposa Cove, they have promise of plants to offer supplementary dietary delight for our small flock of laying hens. Now, these
are all good, logical reasons to love, acquire, and plant seeds. Some of the seeds I buy, swap, or collect actually get planted and serve thier purpose.

BUT...we are talking seedaholic obsession here. My definition of this obsession is buying, trading, or collecting another packet of seed when you already have enough to supply
your entire county with more plants than can be used. And that is after your own tenth of an acre is crammed so full the cat has to walk on tip-toe! So what is a Seedaholic? A
Seedaholic is one who loves to buy, trade, and collect seeds to grow as many of the plants they want in their gardens as is possible. They love to share with friends, neighbors,
and strangers walking by. Nursery grown plants are not for them if the same plant can be had for the cost of a packet of seed, and their own tender loving care.

Altho I am an unapologetic obsessive Seedaholic, something keeps suggesting I might want to dial things back a bit. Perhaps it is the mental image of my children's shock and
waaa when their only inheritance is a trunk filled with packets of seed.