April Showers--and some plant progress

We have had several days of beautiful, warm weather, and growing things are showing their gratitude. The double daffodils have finally opened, and there is a veritable sea of blue in the back yard where the old Mrs. Moon Pulmonaria has put on her lovely spring display. There are many new varieties of this garden stalwart, but none have proven more willing and dependable than this delightful old-timer.

Spring Unsprung?

Looking back at the eleven days since the calendar said sprng had begun is a mind-bender for sure. We had overnight lows the equal of the lowest temps of the winter, two snow events, the second of which delivered eight inches to our property--and patches still remain in spots almost a week later. It seems March is going out like a lion in many areas of the country, but here at Mariposa Cove it is a chill 43 degrees, raining, with a solid cloud cover making for a grey and dreary morning.

First day of Spring, 2013

A very chilly start to the first day of what is supposed to be an early spring. The thermometer revealed 27 degrees around seven this morning. Brrrrr! It is a pretty, sunny day tho, so perhaps it will warm up enough to go check for signs of awakening in the plants later today. I do know the early double flowered daffodil that the local folk call Easter Lily has not yet come into bloom. I believe these to be the antique 'Double Campernelle', and except for the Snow Crocus, it is the earliest to flower here.

New Neighbor

I like Babbitt. He is large, handsome, and entertaining. But--he is not cuddly. I wanted another friendly, playful, and cuddly bunny. Babbitt now has a new and loving home, Grayson has a new neighbor, and I have the bunny I dreamed of.

Moving Day

Grayson and Babbitt have been moved to their new digs on the front porch. The cages leave a bit to be desired, but the dry footing is much safer for me as I care for my fur kids. Babbitt's cage was too small for him, and had many sharp wire ends that were committed to keeping my hands in a constant state of scabbed discomfort. I think we will both enjoy the improved conditions with his new set-up. Babbitt came to me as a rescue bunny and the inadequate cage was the housing that came with him. He is a handsome chocolate brown fellow around a year old. He loves to eat!

Fast Forward

Another Winter--now 2013.

Lots of new veggie seeds ordered, many have already arrived.

My sweetheart has retired and I am looking forward to his company and help in the garden this season. Some teepees, trellises, a new cold frame and some raised beds are all needed, and he has offered to undertake providing them. We are agreed that fewer dollars spent, and more reliance on materials available on our property or from salvage or recycling will add a lot to our appreciation of the completed projects.

The New Season

As the Winter Solstice approaches, the seed catalogs begin to pile up, and the want lists grow exponentially. Having the will to apply the shears of reason to these lists takes some doing. It may not be quite as difficult this year due to the increase in shipping costs.

May First 2005

After weeks of unsettled weather, rain, wind, and general less than lovely conditions, this first day of May was sunny and beautiful. I spent a few hours outside getting started on tasks that should have been done last month.

I decided to plant the Yacon in a small bed beside the hoop house door, so I dug the weeds out and top-dressed with well rotted horse manure. The plants can go in about two weeks from now.


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