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Another Winter--now 2013.

Lots of new veggie seeds ordered, many have already arrived.

My sweetheart has retired and I am looking forward to his company and help in the garden this season. Some teepees, trellises, a new cold frame and some raised beds are all needed, and he has offered to undertake providing them. We are agreed that fewer dollars spent, and more reliance on materials available on our property or from salvage or recycling will add a lot to our appreciation of the completed projects.

This is the year of the Radish at Mariposa Cove. For fun--and maybe to find new favorites--I have seed of long, purple 'Bora King', 'Pink Beauty', 'Helios', called yellow but really a light russet shade, round, red, 18 day 'Saxa', 'White Box', and my all time fave 'French Breakfast'. These spring varieties are to be joined by Daikon, 'Tokinashi' and the lovely winter variety 'Misato Rose' for late season harvest.

For the most part I have given up trialing varieties and am concentrating on producing fresh food for the table. I stii love growing--and eating--tomatoes and peppers, but now we tend to stick with the varieties we know we like and that do well in our less than tomato loving area. The pepper list is still way too long, but I am not telling anyone else!

The other class of veggie that has a few new varieties this year are greens--'Tokyo Bekana', Spigariello, Mache 'Macholong,' Claytonia, and Minutina are all making their debut this season. 'Fordhook', and 'Argentata' Swiss Chard and 'Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach' are returning stars. I seldom grow hybrids, but Fedco Seeds description of Spinach 'Donkey' was just too tempting. A packet of seed is now awaiting planting.

Time to wind down with a cup of hot chocolate and a bit of chat with Rob before calling it a day.