April Showers--and some plant progress

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We have had several days of beautiful, warm weather, and growing things are showing their gratitude. The double daffodils have finally opened, and there is a veritable sea of blue in the back yard where the old Mrs. Moon Pulmonaria has put on her lovely spring display. There are many new varieties of this garden stalwart, but none have proven more willing and dependable than this delightful old-timer.

The prediction is for rain late tonight and thru tomorrow, which is welcome. What is not so pleasant to contemplate are the possible thunder storms. They are scary even when they do little or no damage. My prayers go out to those who are seeing the violently destructive side of these weather monsters.

Seedlings, almost all are doing well, but there has been poor germination in some of the sweet peppers and earliest tomatoes. I tried a new seed starter for the onions, and so far I have to rate it a poor investment. The onions should be ready to set out, and they are no where near that. I believe I will go back to my old standby for germination--the 21 row seed flat--planting up to 72 cell trays.

Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit', eight gorgeous seedlings, and one that looks a bit off-type. Three of the plants have nice deep ruddy stems,so perhaps I will have some of the much sought after red flowered plants.

Roselle 'Jamaican Coctail' A dozen healthy seedlings, all putting forth their second set of true leaves. Four or five of them are showing deep red stems, and I hope that means they will bear the red or purple seed pods.

All the other seedlings are ready for transplanting to larger containers now, and if it is raining tomorrow, I will spend the day taking care of that bit of work. Happy hands on a housebound day.

The two 'Friendship' Blueberries are putting out leaves. They are really sturdy, healthy plants that I think will take off and grow really well. The same can be said of the 'Mara Des Bois' Strawberry plants. Even the tiny, eleventh bonus plant looks just as happy as can be, much to my delight. Thses are everbearing strawberries, and the advice is to remove all runners to direct energy to fruit production. I wonder if the runners will form roots if I pot them up like cuttings? Seems like it would be worth trying.