You Don't Need a Back 40

I think the most satisfying garden I ever had was in my son's first year of life. I knew I would not be able to do a whole lot with our land at that time, so I invested in some annuals to grow on the porch. The porch was fairly shady but I remember we had a good amount of visitors.

The best part was the hummingbird feeder. We spent a lot of time out there and the birds were quite used to our presence.

My Pink Garden - An Argument for Magenta

I read recently that only about 3% of people surveyed stated that pink was their favorite color, yet they use it in their garden. I imagine that magenta would rate about a -75. It is a stark, brash color. It is the M in your printer's CMYK. It is difficult to work with, purples especially seem to put up their dukes and get down to it. And I do love purples. Thing is, magentas seem to have chosen me. Back when I was a tiny child, I was fascinated with seed-heads. My grandmother grew flowers, and the Lychnis coronaria had some of the coolest seed-heads ever.

When Life Gave Me Weeds

When the early Autumn hillside behind the house was covered with flowers, and seed heads of grass danced among them, I gathered a big armful of the bounty. Enough for two large bouquets. One bouquet remained at home, and the second one went to the clothing store where my youngest daughter was working. The crew there was cool, and I liked them. Since they worked inside all day, I thought they might enjoy a bit of our hillside meadow. One young woman looked at the wild bouquet and told me "them is weeds".

Chickens Change Things

Who would have thought twelve tiny balls of down could change so many things? They had to have a coop, and a run, so the appearance of the back yard changed. I fell in love with a book advocating holistic care of the flock, and herbs became not just desirable, but essential to my garden plans. We will not be keeping roosters out of consideration for the neighbors, so we must decide what breed, or breeds, we want as replacements. Hank and Low Rider, the family dogs, must be trained not to harass the chicks.

Something Tried, Something New

When the acknowledgement came from Brent and Becky's for the Dahlias I had ordered, there was a note included saying I had a $10.78 credit on my account. That is the kind of credit I like. Pre-paid, and no interest. After browsing the catalog again, I made two selections. Bessera Elegans, and Callianthus 'Murielea'.

Something tried is callianthus 'Murielea', known for years as Acidenthera or Abyssinian Gladiolus. An heirloom from 1896 with elegant white fragrant flowers that have deep burgundy throats. The plant does well in containers, and blooms mid to late summer.

The New Season 2016

In December of 2006, I wrote some thoughts on The New Season. The post ended with this comment--

"I enjoy communicating with gardeners on a few online lists. It is good to know how widespread the gardening network is, and how serious most of these individuals are about the importance of growing edible crops for their families and communities.
It was pointed out by one list member that we who grow food gardens might actually be referred to as 'farmers'. The reason being, that in modern context, 'gardener' is usually used in reference to the growing of ornamental plants."

Shock and Waaa

Cutting grown Tibouchina growing in Morgan's garden.  Summer, 2015

For the first time in fifteen or more years that I have been growing Pineapple Sage and Honey Dew Melon Sage from cuttings, I lost them both this winter after rooting and potting them up. The lavender Verbena cutting also failed, but that wasn't really a surprise. Only one pain reliever for a situation like this. Retail Therapy! I ordered the 'Arabian Night' and 'Eveline' Dahlias from Brent and Becky's Bulbs. The consarned postage was more than the tubers.


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